Our Cosmic Clothing Collection Is Out of This World! 🌌

On Monday 26th Oct 2020, NASA delivered the news that there is WATER across more areas of the moon, more than originally thought! If the Moon could sustain life, we could totally see a zero-gravity branch of Thunder Egg opening it’s doors there!
We thought this was the perfect opportunity to update you all on our cosmic love affair! Whether you prefer your galactic print on a pair of unisex dungarees or on a super soft sweater, we have your cosmic clothing needs covered.

*Alexa, play NASA by Ariana Grande*

Sugarhill Brighton - Adele Cyber Candy Cosmic Jumpsuit
Sugarhill Brighton – Adele Cyber Candy Cosmic Jumpsuit

We reckon Manchester’s very own physicist, Professor Brian Cox would be a fan of our solar system print shirts! His favourite wonder is exactly what the print is all about: the Wonders of The Solar System. With Manchester’s rich history in universe exploration, we felt it was only right to celebrate the achievements of this city with a cool collection of cosmic clothing and gifts!

Run & Fly - Solar System Dress & Run & Fly - Solar System Shirt
Run & Fly Solar System collection

It’s not just cosmic clothes we stock… You can also feed your galaxy infatuation with a cute Constellation-printed make up bag from Punky Pins. At Thunder Egg, it’s a personal favourite for storing our eggy bits & bobs on the go!

Punky Pins - Cosmic Constellation Make Up Bag
Punky Pins – Cosmic Constellation Make Up Bag

The Lovell Telescope (to the south of Manchester) has been the impressive backdrop to the Bluedot Festival of music, science and culture since 2016. If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world outfit for your next festival, look no further than our star of the show: The Solar System Dungarees!

Run & Fly - Unisex Twill Solar System Dungarees
Run & Fly – Unisex Twill Solar System Dungarees

We love these dungarees (and matching pinafores) so much that we decided to stock them in two different fabrics: Corduroy and Twill.
‘What’s the difference!?’ you ask….
The Corduroy dungarees are made from quality cotton cord fabric. It has a ridged texture with the print applied over the top. The corduroy is extremely hard-wearing and it’s also a very warm fabric – perfect for Autumn and Winter!
The Twill dungarees are made from a sturdy cotton twill weave. This fabric is more lightweight than the corduroy, therefore perfect for layering up over a t-shirt in Spring/Summer. The twill is still a very strong and hard-wearing garment with a flat canvas surface, allowing the bright print to pop!
In conclusion – the choice is yours! The comparison slider below has the corduroy on the left and the twill on the right:

Run & Fly - Unisex Corduroy Solar System DungareesRun & Fly - Unisex Twill Solar System Dungarees
Run & Fly – Solar System Dungarees. (Corduroy: Left, Twill: Right)

Gazing into the abyss trying to find the perfect gift for your fave Space sister or Galactic guy? We have ideas to suit all ages and budgets. For instance, there’s everything from sassy enamel pins to perfect planet rugs. In other words, we guarantee you’ll be a shining star with these pressies!

Sass & Belle - Iridescent Moon Child Mug
Sass & Belle – Iridescent Moon Child Mug

Blast off to our Cosmic Collection to discover a whole new universe of style!

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