Get More Leopard in Your Life – From Leopard Print Dungarees to Homeware! 🐆

Whether you’re already a leopard print lover or you typically shy away from animal print, one thing’s for sure, the leopard print trend isn’t going anywhere as we move into Autumn! With the latest drop of leopard print dungarees in store, we explore how else to get some leopard into your life. We may be biased because we *love* a print at Thunderegg (you only have to have a glance at our instagram to figure that out!) but we think it’s about time leopard print ditched its wild reputation and we all welcome it into our wardrobes as what it really is – an essential!

Run & Fly - Unisex Corduroy Leopard Dungarees
Run & Fly Unisex Corduroy Leopard Print Dungarees

We’re pretty passionate about leopard print being perfect for everyone, and everyday. Leopard as a neutral? Well, maybe not technically. But it’s not the crazy, bold fashion choice some people think it is. Leopard print has a long history in fashion, with Christian Dior credited as the first to use leopard print in his runway collection in 1947, but it was around long before then as both real and faux fur. It can be really easy to incorporate some leopard print into your Autumn wardrobe, whether you’re going all out with our Run & Fly leopard print dungarees or you start with a cute leopard accessory like our Rosie Wonders iron on patch. For a splash of leopard print and added excitement at lunchtimes, we also have the insulated leopard print lunch bag to bring some colour to your day!

Rosie Wonders - Reclining Leopard Iron On Patch
Rosie Wonders Reclining Leopard Iron On Patch

Recent years has also seen a growing trend for leopard print for men and we are huge advocates of fun fashion for all genders! So many of our dungarees are unisex, including the Run & Fly pink twill leopard print dungarees so everyone can get a piece of the leopard print dungaree action. And animal print doesn’t stop at leopard print! These Yellow Owl Worksop men’s tiger socks are a fab way to show a hint of your wild side without going overboard.

The Wild Thing Collection on our website is brimming with animal prints, including this gorgeous Daphnea zebra print jacket and matching skirt! A two piece is a mega versatile outfit that you’ll get tons of wear out of, as separates and as a full look. We think a two piece is perfect to wear to work, and if you’re feeling bold enough, why not make it a printed one?! If Michelle Obama can wear leopard print in the White House you can definitely wear animal print to the office!

Daphnea - Zebra Print Jacket
Daphnea Zebra Print Jacket and Skirt

You might not be ready to rock leopard print to work, but luckily we have a whole range of Thunderegg jersey leopard print dungarees for a softer, more casual look. If you’re really feeling daring we have turquoise, purple and a whole host of other coloured versions of the jersey leopard print dungarees too! They’re super comfy and really versatile whether you’re heading out for the day or getting cosy chilling at home.

Speaking of getting cosy, if you’re not quite convinced about introducing some leopard print dungarees or other clothes into your Autumn wardrobe, why not experiment with adding some to your homeware? Some leopard print accessories around the house is an ideal way to jazz up your space, and we’re not short of leopard print inspiration! We’ve got the Sass & Belle leopard love mug and matching Sass & Belle leopard print coasters if you fancy scattering some leopard around your living space. And for the plant parents, we’ve got some super cute planters like this hanging planter or this mini leopard print planter for you mini plant pals!

Sass & Belle - Set of 4 Leopard Print Coasters
Sass & Belle Leopard Love Mug and Leopard Print Coasters

To shop all this leopard print and more, head to the Wild Thing Collection or find them in store at our Afflecks and Oldham Street shops in Manchester.

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