Buy Fun Socks for Christmas? Yes Please, Actually 🧦

It may not have been top of our Christmas list as kids, but now as adults we would love someone to buy fun socks for us for Christmas! If you’re looking down at your feet right now at a pair of odd socks or a toe poking through, you probably agree.

A Which? survey in 2018 of over 2000 Brits ranked socks in the top 10 worst presents to receive at Christmas but quite frankly, we disagree. Whether you already plan to buy fun socks as gifts this year or you need a little more convincing, you’ll be toe-tally (sorry) spoilt for choice by the end of this blog!

Novelty doesn’t have to mean naff. If you buy fun socks for your pals you want to make sure they’re special, and in 2020 you can buy really personal fun socks for the people in your life. Whether it’s for cat lovers, plant parents or beardy men, here’s our top picks to buy fun socks this Christmas.

Blue Q Proud Plant Mom Women’s Socks

Christmas is as good a time as any for some sassy accessories. If you want to let your dad or your boyfriend know they’re a *bit* overdramatic, the Blue Q ‘I almost died (but it was just a cold)’ men’s ankle socks are a great way to put a stop to man flu moaning. Or how about the ‘I already knew that’ women’s ankle socks for the know-it-all in your life. We’ve got loads of tongue-in-cheek and sweary socks for grown ups this Christmas. But it’s not all sass, these are made from a soft combed cotton that is so super comfy your relatives will forgive you for being cheeky on Christmas Day.

Blue Q I Knew That Already Women’s Socks

If you want to buy fun socks but are feeling more sentimental than sassy we also have some sweet designs of men’s and women’s socks. We’ve got the slightly affectionate Pretty Decent Boyfriend men’s crew socks so you can let your other half know you’re pretty fond of him. For the strong women in your life, these motivational ‘I Got This’ women’s ankle socks make the perfect gift for her to step into the day with positivity.

Blue Q Pretty Decent Boyfriend Men’s Socks

This wouldn’t be a Thunderegg gift guide without some Moomin love! You can buy fun socks that are still mega cute. And what is cuter than a gift box?! We’ve got everybody’s favourite, House of Disaster Little My socks , the whole Moomin family socks and almost enough Moomin designs for you to wear a different pair every day of the week! So if you normally buy fun socks for your whole family or friendship circle, how cute would it be to all have the same theme this year?! And this little matching gift box adds an extra special touch to gifting socks.

House of Disaster - Moomin Little My Socks
Moomin Little My Womens Socks

Whilst we’re all spending so much time at home, we at least deserve to feel cosy. Even if not for gifts, to buy fun socks for yourself is a sure way to add some cheer to your day! And seeing as we can get away with socks and sandals as a look in 2020, you may as well show off a snazzy pair. Maybe we should all try to manifest some good luck for 2020 with the Yellow Owl Workshop Lucky Cat crew socks!

Yellow Owl Workshop - Lucky Cat Crew Socks
Yellow Owl Workshop Lucky Cat Socks

Some people have always had a preference for odd socks. We’re naturally drawn towards symmetry, so you may prefer to have matching feet, although this month you have reason to throw that out the window! Monday 16th Nov is Odd Socks Day, the first day of Anti-Bullying Week because what better way to celebrate our differences than with odd socks. So if you’re looking for an excuse to buy fun socks sooner than Christmas, this way you can show off not one, but two fun pairs whilst supporting a great cause!

If you’re convinced that socks should be on everyone’s Christmas list this year, you can buy fun socks from our full range here.

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