You’ll Be Green With Envy of These Plant Gifts! 🌱

Be it quirky planters and fun plant pots or accessories with a plant theme, these leafy gifts are perfect for Christmas.

Whether you’re an established gardener, or you prefer the low-maintenance Cactus, houseplants is a growing trend that isn’t going anywhere.

As we currently spend more time than usual at home, it’s no surprise that plant sales have increased. With many spending time in their gardens during lockdown, Homebase ran a survey as part of The Great British Green Up to discover the effects of this increase in plant buying. As a nation we’ve bought a whopping 322 million additional plants this year compared to 2019. Even those without an outdoor space had bought an average of two new houseplants in the three months before the survey.

Proud Plant Mom range

There are both mental and physical health benefits to surrounding yourself with plants. It’s not just fun to fill your home with greenery but it’s good for you too! With so many investing in new plant pals since lockdown, plant gifts will make an ideal Christmas present this year. Whether you’re buying quirky planters for yourself or fun plant pots for a green-fingered friend, we’ve got a whole range of leafy goodness to accompany your greenery!

Sass & Belle - Mini Leopard Print Planter
Mini Leopard Print Planter

The only thing cuter than houseplants is mini houseplants! We’ve got some tiny plant pots for your seedlings and succulents. These adorable Sass & Belle eyes shut mini quirky planters come in both the matte terracotta and the white gloss ceramic. They’d make the perfect plant gift for those just starting out in growing green friends!

If you have a wild home theme, we also have these leopard print quirky planters that are less than £5! There’s no cuter pairing than flora and fauna. If you want fun plant pots that are also bursting with animal cuteness we’ve got you covered. The Sass & Belle woodland fox mini planter & cat’s whiskers mini planter have cute ear details for your plants to poke out from! Tiny pots are ideal if you have a mini cactus or succulent in need of a snazzy new home. And it’s just a bonus that they happen to be the easiest plants to keep alive!

Sass & Belle - Woodland Fox Mini Planter
Woodland Fox Mini Planter

Hanging plants are a great way to squeeze some extra homeware into a room. If all your surfaces are already covered in fun plant pots, look up! Who doesn’t want to add some drama to their ceiling?! And we have tons of hanging planters to choose from. Fun plant pots + rainbows is our dream combo! The chasing rainbows hanging planter would bring some sunshine to any room. Hanging plants like string of pearls or ivy look so cute cascading out of these fun plant pots. If you want a low-maintenance hanging plant, spider plants practically thrive on neglect so they’re an ideal plant for beginners!

Chasing Rainbows Hanging Planter

If you like a rustic homeware style, we have the Sass & Belle dip glaze hanging planters in yellow & rust brown. They look super-cute individually, or combined as a pair for a laidback, casual aesthetic. If you like your home decor with a little more bling though, we also appreciate a bit of glamour! The gold bee hanging planter has an all over gold bee print and a long gold chain too. When it catches the light those gold bees really shine, so these make super special plant gifts!

Sass & Belle - Gold Bee Hanging Planter
Gold Bee Hanging Planter

We can’t talk about plant gifts without special mention to Seymour Sloth. The best planters are also completely adorable, and a smiley sloth with rosy cheeks is bound to be a hit! We have the mini planter which literally hugs your plants so looks super cute with any little plant companion. There’s also the hanging planter with Seymour literally hanging around (as sloths do) with a belly full of plant! If you’re thinking of getting both this makes a super cute pair in your home.

Seymour Sloth Planters

For the more adventurous gardeners among you, we’ve got some bigger quirky planters that can handle your bigger plants. Sass and Belle’s ‘My Kind of People’ collection celebrates diversity and individuality. There’s quirky planters for everyone in this range. Whether your friend is effortlessly cool like Bradley, a total babe like Chantelle or super cute like Libby, these designs will remind you of someone special (or perhaps they remind you of yourself!). The larger designs are deep and wide to accommodate lots of lovely flowers and greenery. If you’ve fallen for these planters like we have, don’t worry – they come in hanging and miniature planter designs too!

My Kind of People Mini Planters

For those of us who are self-confessed plant lovers (but perhaps not so gifted in gardening) we have items that don’t require keeping a plant alive too! Add some leaf to your lunchtimes with this Sass & Belle lunch bag, bamboo travel cup and leafy water bottle set. Just because you’ve got a history of neglecting plants, it doesn’t mean you can’t declare yourself a ‘proud plant mom’ in these socks! Nobody will ask to see your credentials! We all love stationery, so you could list all the plant gifts you plan to buy in this cute ‘Plants are my friends’ notebook.

Sass & Belle - Leafy Velveteen Pouch
Leafy Velveteen Pouch

To shop these plant gifts, quirky planters and fun plant pots, head to the Plant Perfection collection on our website!

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