Women Empowering Women with IWD Gifts! ✌️

Whether you’re celebrating yourself of empowering other women, IWD gifts are the perfect treat this month!  

We don’t need a special day to advocate women empowering women, but with International Women’s Day upon us if you did want a reason for a little treat then IWD gifts are the perfect excuse! The theme this year is Choose To Challenge, raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality. As ever it’s on 8th March and this blog is a homage to amazing women and the IWD gifts that you might want to treat some of the women in your life to.  

Punky Pins - Empowered Women Empower Women Enamel Pin
Empowered Women Pin

A pin badge is one of our favourite ways to add a statement to an outfit. They make great IWD gifts too! The Punky Pins ‘feminism is for everyone’ pin is the perfect inclusive slogan. It’s a great reminder that it’s not just about women empowering women, but male allies too! It’s a 31mm enamel pin with the text over a red and pink heart – show your love for feminism! Another bold black, gold and pink pin badge features the quote by author R. S. Grey  ‘she believed she could so she did’. Our favourite topical pin badge for women empowering women has to be the red square Punky Pins badge which reads ‘empowered women empower women’.  These make great IWD gifts and are a good reminder that sisterhood is about community, not competition!  

Girl Power pencil cases & pouches

You know by now we love gorgeous stationery at Thunder Egg, and when you’re making your International Women’s Day plans you’re going to need a pencil case to keep organised. This Blue Q girl power pencil case is perfect for the feminist in your life. It’s made from 95% post consumer recycled materials so also makes a great IWD gift for eco warrior women! Also in this eco range we have the bad ass woman zipper pouch. This cute pouch works as a pencil case, make up bag or wash bag too.  

Yes Girl Yes socks

We are huge fans of a snazzy sock, so much so we dedicated a whole blog to socks already! Here’s a couple of pairs that make the best IWD gifts. First up these colourful Blue Q socks that say ‘yes girl, yes!’ And just look at that babe’s defiant stance – she looks like a total superhero!
This is a mansplaining free zone! If you want to send a clear message via your feet, these ankle socks also by Blue Q feature the sassy statement ‘I already knew that’. Made from a cotton blend, they’re super soft and a great way to add a splash of colour to an outfit whilst also making a statement! 

Frida Kahlo Keyring

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of feminist icon Frida Kahlo. She was the ultimate example of women empowering women. Frida was extremely vocal about women having independence and recognising their value as more than just aesthetics beauty. If you need a reminder of how amazing women are, a little Frida keyring in your pocket is a good nudge to help you remember just what we’re capable of. That, along with the Frida trinket dish also make adorable IWD gifts as a little memento to celebrate your female friends.  

We love women empowering women. If you’re repping Thunder Egg accessories or sending IWD gifts as part of your International Women’s Day plans, make sure you tag us in your photos! For more inspo check out the Girl Power collection on our website.  

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