Dark Nights Call For Quirky Lights 💡

As the days grow shorter and it’s dark much earlier, these quirky lamps will add some brightness to your evenings!

Moomin Mini LED Light

Looking to add a little ambience to your home? Or fancy a night light to keep you company when you’re in bed? Quirky lamps are the perfect addition to your homeware at this time of year! The clocks have changed and it’s darker much earlier, so some extra light in your home is welcome boost! Amid suggestions that lockdown has made the night sky darker, these fun lamps are a great way to make the most of these dark times!

House of Disaster - Green T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp
Green T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp

When it comes to fun lamps, it doesn’t get much quirkier than an origami Dinosaur. The House of Disaster origami table lamps are big enough to make a statement in your living room, and they come in a range of different Dinosaurs! Right now we’ve got the teal green T-Rex dinosaur lamp, the orange T-Rex lamp and the white Triceratops quirky lamp. They’re all a fun geometric, origami inspired shape and plug into the mains so no need to worry about batteries! The different colours provide a different atmosphere when lit, the white Triceratops is a clean crisp light, whereas the orange T-rex gives a warm orange glow.

Mini LED Dinosaur Lamps

The glow these lamps give off isn’t too harsh, so the range lends itself to night lights too. With 64% of British adults admitting they’re scared of the dark, it’s not just kids who might want a night lamp! The origami Dinosaur lights also come in miniature versions, with these turquoise Diplodocus and mini white Triceratops lamps measuring less than 16cm. The light glow they give off makes these mini origami lamps ideal to leave on at night. They also make a great desk companion!

Mini Unicorn Colour Changing LED Lamp

If dinosaurs aren’t your thing, we also have these quirky lamps in a couple of other cute creatures too. The origami range includes this Unicorn mini lamp! It has an automatic colour changing feature which will cast all kinds of colourful hues across your room. This mini pink Rabbit lamp gives off a subtle pink glow. These come with batteries but also have a USB charging port with charging cable included so you can plug them in if you prefer.

House of Disaster - Moomin & Snorkmaiden Love Mini LED Lamp
Moomin & Snorkmaiden Love Mini LED Lamp

Speaking of cute creatures, would this be a Thunder Egg blog if we didn’t mention Moomins?! Quirky lamps plus Moomins is our dream combo. If you love Moomins as much as we do you’ll know that ‘the only thing that makes Moomintroll sad is being left alone’. Fortunately, this Moomin & Snorkmaiden Love lamp is double cute! Not only do they look adorable keeping each other company but this lamp is perfect for keeping you company too. We also have this tall statement Moomin lamp measuring 25cm which makes a great table centrepiece.

We also have a couple of miniature Moomin LEDs that would make a great bedside companion. These mini LED lamps include the super cute House of Disaster mini Moomin light & Snorkmaiden lamp with her trademark fringe and gold anklet! These are super cute individually or as a pair, and both have an auto fade feature when used without the cable so make an ideal nightlight. Normally in November Snufkin leaves Moominvalley and goes down south to warmer climates. Maybe if he had one of these lamps to keep him cosy he’d stick around! If you want all your favourite Moomin characters – we have the Moomin String Lights, ideal for any room in the house!

House of Disaster - Mini Yellow Submarine LED Lamp
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Lamps

If you want to add a splash of cool and colour to your homeware this Winter, we also have a range of lamps inspired by The Beatles! If you’re thinking ahead to Christmas, the Yellow Submarine Lamp is the perfect gift for The Beatles fans. It’s big and bright and will cheer up any dreary Winter evening. Another of the fun lamps from this range is the mini Sgt Peppers Drum Light, another super cool lamp featuring original Beatles album artwork. This range is colourful and bright and look just as good when they’re not switched on!

Brighten up your Winter evenings with these cute lamps. You can shop our full range of lamps and lights online whilst our stores are temporarily closed*.
*Due to UK Lockdown until Dec 4th

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