A Round Up of Cool Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 👩‍👧

“I’m not a regular mom – I’m a cool mom!” When we think of cool Mother’s Day gift ideas, we can’t help but think of Amy Poehler’s self-declared cool mom in Mean Girls. As we approach our second Mother’s Day in lockdown we think all mums deserve a treat. Here’s a round up of some cool Mother’s Day gift ideas to give you some inspiration!  

I love my asshole kids’ socks

First thing’s first – socks. Mums love to buy socks for other people, but who’s buying mums socks?! And these aren’t run of the mill socks. If you’re looking for cool Mother’s Day gift ideas then you want some equally cool socks! We love these hilarious ‘I love my asshole kids’ Blue Q socks. The cute swirly pattern means the last thing you expect is a sassy slogan up the ankle! The writing will also be safely hidden under a trouser leg until your mum fancies flashing a bit of ankle and letting the world know how she feels about her offspring!  

And whether you’re a teenager who keeps your mum up worried late at night or perhaps you’re looking for cool Mother’s Day gift ideas for a new mum, either way she misses sleep. So these super cute ‘In loving memory of sleep’ socks will be sure to raise a weary smile! All the socks in the Blue Q range are a gorgeous quality soft combed cotton blend that will definitely get mum’s approval.  

I Will Survive Planters

Anyone else’s mum a Gloria Gaynor fan? Not the first thing you might think of when you’re hunting for cool Mother’s Day gift ideas but bursting into song is such a mum vibe and these planters make us do the same thing. The ‘I will survive’ hanging planter and matching ‘I will survive mini planter’ are perfect to inject some positivity into the second lockdown Mother’s Day. These pots might be manifesting a long life for your mum’s plants but we could all take some inspiration from these super cute statement planters. And if you’re mum is not the kind of person to make house plants thrive, simply pop in some faux greenery for a gift with less responsibility!  

Rose Hanging Planter

How about a couple of cool Mother’s Day gift ideas featuring some fab female characters? From the Sass & Belle ‘My Kind of People’ collection which celebrates diversity and individuality, we just fell in love with Rose. Available in the mini Rose planter and Rose hanging planter, her story qualifies her as a cool mum! ‘A proud antique shop owner and mum of two twin daughters, with a passion for French music, films and interior decorating. When I am not jugging motherhood and running a business, I enjoy spontaneous road trips around Europe’. These come in cute decorated boxes too so make brilliant gifts for Mother’s Day. Take a look at Libby and Chantelle from the same range too!  

Sass & Belle - Busy Bees A5 Notebook
Busy Bee Notepad

Mums are always busy at the best of times, and for lots of mums this year has been busier than ever. You might not be able to help your mum out in person right now but some gorgeous stationery might help! The Sass & Belle busy bees notebook is a very cute way to stay organised. One of our favourite ways to buy cool Mother’s Day gift ideas is to find products that match so it feels like a little gift set! So why not also help her get a moment’s peace with this matching bee stamp mug. Most mums love a brew and there’s nothing worse than a teensy portion so this generous mug will keep her fueled with all the tea she needs!  

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 14th March, so shop more gifts online today to give yourself plenty of time for delivery.  

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