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Buying clothes made in England is not only a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll discover amazing homegrown talent too! 

Shopping local and independent has always been a passion of ours. We love to shout about clothes made in England! We love our European brands like our Minueto collection or Compania Fantastica range, but we also have amazing UK based brands you can find at Thunder Egg. While there are lots of factors that contribute to the carbon footprint of buying a garment, buying locally reduces that carbon footprint by reducing the transport and distribution levels of clothes. Some clothes travel all over the world during the manufacturing phase. Buying clothes made in England is a good step to shopping more sustainably. Here’s some of our favourite brands showcasing accessories and clothes made in England that you can find at Thunder Egg!

Run & Fly factory - Leicester
Run & Fly Factory in Leicester – UK (photo provided by Run & Fly)

By now you’re probably familiar with Run & Fly! We’ve stocked Run & Fly clothing at Thunder Egg for over 10 years, but did you know a lot of their clothing is made in Leicester, UK? They work with a local factory for Knitwear and for many of their Dungarees and Pinafores. Run & Fly Dungarees (from start to finish) take on average up to three weeks to be made. Fashion doesn’t always have to be fast! Run & Fly have been extremely careful with their staff and factories during UK lockdown in 2020 (onwards) too. You can find out more about that here.

Run & Fly - Unisex Daisy Jumper
Run & Fly Daisy Knit Collection

Of all the clothes made in England it feels like knitwear makes the most sense, what with our temperamental weather! There’s something about our current range of Run & Fly knitwear that feels quintessentially British too. We have the lush green Fox cardigan, an acrylic cardigan made in England and featuring an all over print of our native red foxes. Nobody quite does Sunflower fields like we do, so this cropped Sunflower jumper from our Made in England collection feels like a proud celebration of the English countryside! And if that wasn’t enough, we have the super cute unisex Daisy jumper which has us daydreaming of Summers in the park. 

Run & Fly - Twill Red Tartan PinaforeRun & Fly - Unisex Red Tartan Twill Dungarees
Run & Fly – Tartan Collection

Speaking of traditional English styles, Pinstripes give us strong classic British vibes. These 98% cotton Pinstripe dungarees are Made in England, and turn a traditional print into a fun unisex garment. Same with tartan! Rightly associated with Scottish tradition, tartan also has a long English history too so we love the Run & Fly Tartan dungarees and Tartan pinafore. To check out more about their clothes made in England have a watch of their Leicester studio tour below!

Inside the Run & Fly factory in Leicester, UK. (Shot by Run & Fly)

Some Run & Fly styles are produced in overseas factories, one in Turkey and one in India. All of their clothing is made in sweat shop free factories. Run & Fly staff regularly visit their overseas factories to ensure they meet the high standards of working conditions.

Run & Fly - Unisex Black Pinstripe Dungarees
Run & Fly – Unisex Pinstripe Dungarees

It’s not just clothes made in England that we are passionate about, we love homegrown accessories too! We stock Little Moose jewellery, not only made in Sussex but also handmade too! We love the houseplant shelf brooch and cactus bowl brooch made from layered acrylic. The shiny rose gold details shine beautifully when they hit the light! See also the super cute terrarium necklace with sparkly glitter detail. 

Little Moose - Houseplant Shelf Brooch
Little Moose – Houseplant Shelf Brooch

We can’t get enough of acrylic jewellery, so the collection from Bristol based Rosa Pietsch is also one of our current faves! This chunky jewellery takes its inspiration from retro style shapes, like the teal scalloped hoop earrings with marbled and glitter layers. We love this art-deco vibe pink flora statement brooch! The Rosa Pietsch range is currently in our mega Winter sale. Snap up these plus others like the pink scalloped hoop earrings for a bargain! 

Rosa Pietsch - Pink Flora Statement Brooch
Rosa Pietsch Jewellery

Shop the full Made in England collection to support UK makers and find unique accessories and clothes made in England. 

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