Goodbye and Good Riddance to 2020! 🙋

It’s time for our annual round-up of the year at Thunder Egg and what a bizarre year 2020 has been…..

2020 at Thunder Egg

I’m not sure we could start to talk about 2020 without mentioning Covid-19.
What a truly weird year it has been. It has been difficult for so many people in so many different ways.

What did 2020 look like for Thunder Egg?

Due to national and local restrictions, our stores had to close in March until early July and once again in November until December. We really missed seeing all of your lovely faces on a regular basis. Fortunately, our website was able to continue operating safely during lockdown so we were able to post lovely pink parcels out to you at home!
We got used to photographing new arrivals in our gardens at home, bribing our pets to get involved in photos with Dreamies (see image above!) and responding to email enquiries in our pyjamas. The pyjamas part is definitely something we would keep around in 2021.
It’s been a tough time to be a small business but we couldn’t have done it without you lovely people!
From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you SO much for every online order, every purchase in store, every like/share/comment on our social media pages, every lovely personal note we got in emails and every single bit of support we’ve received (no matter how big or small!). Thank you so much for choosing to support small, indie businesses such as ourselves during this tricky time. In other words, you are truly wonderful humans ⭐

The faces of Thunder Egg 2020!

Shout out to our lovely faces of Thunder Egg!

We couldn’t talk about 2020 without mentioning our brilliant models. As we mentioned above, photographing items for our website has been quite different this year. Whether it was a selfie snapped at home or shot from a safe 2 metre distance with a zoom lens – it has been a learning curve! Our lovely team all work hard, whatever the weather! A HUGE thank you to them all for this year.
Once normality starts to resume, we would love to get back to our old routine of organising shoots with as many wonderful people as possible.
If you would like to get involved in the future (once it’s safe to do so), please get in touch and introduce yourself.
Models must be local to Manchester UK, age 18+ and confident in front of the camera – we want to hear from you.

Thunder Egg’s top 9 posts of 2020 on Instagram

Thank you for staying in touch!

Thank you for all the love on social media this year. Above is our top 9 Instagram posts of 2020. You were loving Cats and Lamps this year (understandable). Here’s to another bright and colourful year on our social media accounts. Want to stay in touch and be the first to know about our sales, offers, competitions and more? You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Beautiful Thunder Egg customers!

Our favourite part of 2020…

Time for our highlight of 2020. We saved the best until last, above all our favourite part has been YOU! To every person who has shared a pic of their Thunder Egg purchases (like the beautiful faces above), interacted with us on social media, visited us in store, ordered from our website, sent us lovely emails, entered our competitions, discovered us for the first time or browsed our site for the 14253th time: THANK YOU!

We LOVE seeing how you style your Thunder Egg purchases. Please keep tagging us in them on Instagram and using #thundereggmanchester.

From all of the Thunder Egg team – we wish you all the best for 2021 and we hope it’s a drastic improvement on 2020!! Take care and look after yourselves ❤️

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